Builders League
Builders League is a new international minecraft survival server (SMP). We have room for 30 players and we also have a 30 slot mumble channel.
Our goal is to obtain a strong and awesome community and maintain a smooth gameplay.

This means:

- No cheating players
- No item spawning
- 100% grief free server

We have no whitelist integrated at our server which means everyone can join, but nobody can build until they have registered and filled out an "application form".

This servers ranks:
Guest - This is our first rank, and you cant do anything at this stage.
Builder - The first real rank on the server. At this rank you are allowed to build and you have access to the most basic commands - this rank requires you to fill out the "application form"
VIP - This rank is only obtainable via. "". It costs 3,5 euro a month to earn the title of "VIP". VIP grants access to a lot of extrodinary commands.

Why choose Builders League? And what can Builders League offer you?

- 100% grieft free server
- The possibility of purchasing a VIP rank by paying 3.5 euro a month - this will keep the server running and grant you access to lots of features
- Your very own region where you can build whatever you want. This ensures no-grief.
- A grand freemine area for builders and VIP (VIP mining area is bigger and better)
- A social and active server
- Room for 30 players in-game
- A mumble channel where you can speak with the rest of the players
- All nationalities are welcome. Admins and Mods are all from Denmark and most of the players are danish as well
- World Map
- Active Admins and Mods whom will do everything in their power to make this server a nice place for you play and unfold your Minecraft plans

How to become a builder @ Builders League:
1. Create a profile at our forums
2. Press the "Application form" in the menu at the homepage
3. Fill out the form
4. Wait for a response via. email.

Server Information
The servers ip-adress:

Til jer der har købt VIP - Hvad synes i?

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Til jer der har købt VIP - Hvad synes i?

Post  RebornSheep on Thu Oct 20, 2011 12:07 am

Jeg vil gerne vide hvad i synes om jeres VIP rank?
Er den pengene værd og vil i fortsætte med at købe ranken de næste måneder?

På forhånd tak for jeres svar!

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Re: Til jer der har købt VIP - Hvad synes i?

Post  sadzrax on Thu Oct 20, 2011 2:42 am

Jeg syntes helt klart det er det værd Wink

ikke blot på grund af de forskellige commands man får i fordel, men også fordi jeg ved, at jeg har været med til at støtte en FED server ;D

Kunne muligvis også være interresseret i at fortsætte med V.I.P

alt i alt - Jeg er TILFREDS!
Keep up the good work =)

- SadzRax


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